Karlie Hindmarsh - author of 'Weedy Wednesdays'

I am a 'mad foodie', primary school teacher and blogger who loves to forage, go barefoot, eat, cook and move functionally in nature. I am the creator of Karlie Eat to Live.

 Karlie Hindmarsh is   Karlie 'Eat to Live'

Karlie Hindmarsh is Karlie 'Eat to Live'

 I believe that food is fuel but it also should be a pleasure to consume. We all eat, but most of us have never experienced how good our body was designed to feel. Many humans have become removed from the source of their sustenance. No longer nourished directly by nature, we have become reliant upon and addicted to artificially processed, refined 'frankenfoods' and sugar bombs, which we accept as normal dietary staples.

 I believe that a diet based on real food can be just as enjoyable as that hit you get from a conventional chocolate bar or glass of fizzy drink.

 My vision is to encourage people to just eat real food. Not only 'eating to live', but eating to THRIVE by including properly prepared, nutrient dense whole foods, including adequate amounts of natural fats and a daily intake of fermented foods, in order to rediscover how good our body was designed to feel and perform.

 I enjoy working with ingredients as close as possible to the state in which they grew, ran, flew or swam. I understand that sourcing and being able to afford organic, grass fed/ pasture raised/wild caught veges, fruit, meat, fish and eggs isn't always possible. But shopping at farmer's markets and foraging for wild plants and edible weeds is a fun and affordable place to start, and a useful way to boycott the supermarket duopoly that overarches western food. It's also very feasible to grow your own herbs and wild or conventional greens in pots, on your balcony or even in a small lawn. If you know what to look for, there is already an abundance of free food growing on unused nature strips and in parklands all around us. So let's re-educate ourselves beyond the small range of plants we have been conditioned to classify as 'food' and reclaim our evolutionary right to enjoy foraging for and sourcing our food more naturally.

 It is my passion to inspire people to begin their journey towards better nutrition and transform school canteens to nourish our children in their physically formative years.

 I would love to hear your feedback about my recipes. :)

 Karlie - "Eat to Live"

Diego Bonetto, author of Forager Friday

I'm an artist, father, keen naturalist and award winning cultural worker.

I am renown as an advocate for the rights of weeds, via talks, academic publications and social media interventions. I run regular workshops in Sydney, head here for the latest offerings.

I support my argument with research provided by discipline as far apart as biology, anthropology, palaeontology, social ecology and ethno botany in order to formulate ethical questions about cultural representation in times of environmental urgency.

In the years I have collaborated extensively with chefs, academics, herbalist, brewers, soap makers, producers, educators and land owners presenting Wild Stories, a program of workshops, tours, community engagement projects and exhibitions. 

I am also a co-founder of Big Fag Press, Sydney, where we produce limited edition print-dreams while collecting and recording oral histories of Sydney in the process.

I am now collaborating with a cluster of programmers and web producers to create WildFoodMap.

My work has received a substantial amount of media including a Gardening Australia segment and articles on Marie Claire, GQ Australia, SMH, ABC and SBS TV and Radio, Channel 7 and 10.

Here I will offer a weekly update about what's in season out there, wish me luck!

You can also follow me on twitter and instagram or get in contact via my website.
Happy harvesting everyone :)