Weedy Wednesdays with Karlie Eat to Live - Thai Style Fish Cakes, Wild Salad and Turmeric Sun Dressing

Here is  delicious recipe for Thai fish cakes with wild foraged fruits and greens salad dressed in anti-inflammatory "Turmeric Sun Dressing". Plus I'm showing off my wild nasturtiums in the background, which are taking off well after being propagated in a glass on my kitchen bench then transplanted in my backyard.

 Thai fish cakes with wild food salad and turmeric sun dressing

Thai fish cakes with wild food salad and turmeric sun dressing


In a blender, blitz Thai green curry paste*, cooked (pref. wild) white fish meat (eg, NZ Blue Grenadier), some green beans, chopped red capsicum and a dash of coconut cream to bind (I recommend Ayam brand 100% coconut cream). Form into patties, fry in coconut oil.

*You can make your own Thai green curry paste by pounding or blitzing the following in a food processor: {ginger, galangal, garlic, coriander seed/root/leaf, lemon grass, kefir lime leaf, green chilies, spring onion} OR THERE ARE SOME ALL NATURAL BRANDS OF PRE-PACKAGED THAI GREEN CURRY PASTE in the supermarket that contain ONLY spices, no sugar, no crap, no numbers. Read, read, read ingredient lists.

TURMERIC SUN DRESSING (sunny, because it's made with GOLDEN PASTE): 1heaped tsp golden paste/raw honey/grated garlic/lemon zest/lemon juice from 1 lemon/plenty of macadamia oil/handful activated walnuts. Shake in a jar, pour over salad, toss. All about anti-inflammatory golden paste here:

WILD FORAGED SALAD: This salad contains Rambling Dock (Acetosa sagittata, lovely lemony flavour), mallow leaves (Malva neglecta, very nutritious), Sea Blight (Suaeda australis, a salty estuarine succulent), stirfried wild Amaranth leaves (Amaranthus hybridus, they went all crunchy like kale chips, weee!), stirfried pigface (purslane, Portulaca oleracea) leaves (chopped; crunchy and hydrating), Scurvy Weed (Commelina cyanea, not to be mistaken with morning dew), Lilly Pilly fruits (Syzygium smithii, delightful, like crunchy, zesty watermelon bites), African olives (Olea europaea ssp. cuspidata, beware of the pips) and Blueberry Nightshade berries (Solanum nigrum, related to the tomato). Decorated with pretty, purple wild pigface (Carpobrotus) flowers.

Bon ap's!

Karlie "Eat to Live"