Forager Friday with Diego. In season now: Rambling dock

Common names: Turkey Rhubarb, Rambling dock

Scientific Name: Acetosa sagittata

Family: Poligonaceae

 Genus: Rumex, same as sorrel, sheep sorrel and dock.

This is a southern hemisphere kind of plant, originally from Africa, now spread in South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

A creeper ( a rambler indeed) It keeps growing from year to year up to 2 m high, usually overcoming low bushes. The leaves are smooth and arrow-shaped, 3-7 cm long, pale green and soft. The flowers develop clusters of papery 3-faced capsules (typical of the rumex genus) about 1 cm wide. They change from pale green to reddish-brown when mature.

In Australia this is regarded as a serious weed, adapting fast to disturbed environments and climbing over other bushes. It produces underground tubers which are not edible (according to the information I can gather) but the young shoots are much appreciated in places like Java and Southern Africa. Usually cooked in stews it can be added to salads and drinks taking advantage of its sharp tart flavour (akin to sorrel).

If you live on the East coast of Austrlai you are never far away from one of this ramblers, try it, quite a surprising taste>

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