Weedy Wednesdays with Karlie Eat to Live - Rescued Food Salad

Delish and nutrish! Almost everything in this salad is a 'reject' ingredient. Rescuing 'reject' food is the hippest thing (after foraging!) that the cool kids on the block are doing these days. Does that mean we rebel against it cause it's become chic? Hell no. Any promotion of these millennia old culinary and sustainable practices is wonderful I reckon! Check out how delicious rescued meals can be.


Weedy Wednesdays with Karlie Eat to Live - Wild Mullberries and Cream

Good morning Sydney!! What a glorious way to greet the day with signs of the beginning of my favourite foraging season of the year. Mulberries can be found all over the place in urban environments, just get out for a walk and have a look around your local area or find locations on the Wild Food Map app. My favourite way to devour them is with fresh organic cream!


Weedy Wednesdays with Karlie Eat to Live - Kalah Pacha with Nettle

Warning: This post is not for the feint hearted!

My boyfriend got his getting his Afghan on today. This collection of sheep bits is a traditionally known as kalah pacha, literally "head and foot". It is a traditional Afghani broth dish, also popular in Iran and Iraq and often eaten for breakfast with traditional Afghani naan using the hands.

Weedy Wednesdays with Karlie Eat to Live - Horta All Stars Dinner

This meal idea is super simple and easy. These edible weeds are dock, with its lovely lemony taste, mallow and dandelion greens in what I've dubbed 'horta all stars' dinner tonight - wild greens, garlic, roast chicken, mushrooms and cherry tom's all tossed in a pan with pink salt, olive oil and some lemon juice. Traditional cultures have been eating wild greens like this for centuries.


Forager Friday with Diego. In season now: Wild oat

Sowing Wild Oats is an old saying used to imply disrespectful behaviour by young men. Interesting to notice that most probably the plant that bear those connotations does not need to be sown altogether, as is a common cosmopolitan weed of disturbed soils. Chances are the seeds of illicit love affairs thrive in your backyard. Want to know more about it? Read on>>